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As a Sikh American, I am grateful to have had a great life. I grew up in Kitwe, Zambia, and had an amazing childhood. All my friends from that time I am still friends with today - we have a deep bond that extends across oceans and continents. My friends and their families have since been scattered across the world but anytime any of us talk or meet up, it feels like old times. I truly had a blissful youth.

Zambia is beautiful that way and when I was going to boarding school in Giggleswick, England, my favorite part of the trip back and forth was the last flight from Zambia's capital, Lusaka to my hometown. 

Now, Washington DC is my home and I love it. I am lucky to live in a great neighborhood, Capitol Hill, with my wife and two sons. Everything is walking distance here and frankly, it's awesome. If it weren't for the Utilities ripping up the roads all the time and the darn potholes, it would be even better! The National Mall is about a 20 minute walk away or a short bike ride away and I have been taking my boys there every other weekend for years. No other place in the United States has so many free and fantastic museums. Being able to visit the National Arts Museum and see a few portraits at a time over the years has been magical. It is one of the few places I can relax in and find peace.


Favorite peaceful & beautiful place

Giggleswick, North Yorkshire, England.



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The smell of green grass, clean air, and yes - sheep - in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales is extraordinary.



Career wise, I have extensive experience in Complex deliveries and Technology implementation in Cloud, Cloud Ops, Data, & Application Development.

To see my resume and what I've done since, click here. 

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